History :

  • September, the 9th, 1805 : creation of the “Society of Encouragement to Excellence”
  • December, the 30th, 1805 : the society is renamed “Society for Science, Fine Arts and Literature”
  • On July, 1829 : the Society is officially recognized. It is then renamed “The Academy of Mâcon for Science, Fine Arts, Literature and Agriculture.” It makes significant contributions to the fields of agriculture and viticulture.
  • 1896 : the Academy acquires the Hôtel Senecé
  • 1900 : the society becomes “the Academy of Mâcon (society for Agriculture, Science and Fine Arts)”
  • 1926 and 1962 : Hôtel Senecé is listed as a historical monument.
  • 2013 : Academy joins the C.N.A. (Conférence Nationale des Académies).
  • 2016 : Museum Lamartine is transferred to museum Ursulines.