The Academy organization

In 2005, the Academy of Mâcon celebrated the bicentenary of its foundation.
Organization A board of 25 titular members guarantee the academic ethics and integrity.
– 18 elected administrators appoint a committee of 6 officers.
– 8 sub-committees are in charge of making proposals, that have to be approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Honorary Presidents: Jean Combier, Jean-Michel Dulin
  • President: Vincent Lauvergne
  • Vice Presidents: Bernard Billier et Robert Delorme
  • Chief administrative officer: Evelyne Fénart
  • Treasurer: Michel Anicet
  • other members of the Board of Directors: Michel Anicet, Georges Audra, André Bazzana, Jacqueline Bernet, Jean-Michel Dulin, Marie-Martine Dupeuble, Henri Galland, Claus-Peter Haverkamp, Jean-Amédée Lathoud, Philippe Prompt.

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